P L A N T I N G  C H U R C H E S

S U P P O R T I N G  &  T R A I N I N G   I N D I G E N O U S   C H U R C H   P L A N T E R S

 G H A N A,  T O G O,  B U R K I N A  F A S O  &   B E Y O N D

Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast, has been recognized as the gateway to West Africa. It was one of the first places of contact between Africans and Europeans around the 15th Century. Due to this contact with European traders, Christianity was eventually introduced to natives on the coast of Ghana. Prior to this time, most of Sub-Saharan Africa practiced Ethnic Religion (African Traditional Religion). Today, Christianity has grown to become the dominant religion in Ghana—especially along the coast and in the middle-belt of the country.

The story is different, however, in the northern parts of the country, which is part of the 10/40 window (2.85 billon (63.4%) of the 4.65 billion of this population are unreached according to joshuaproject.net). The majority of the population in the northern parts of Ghana still believe in and practice Ethnic Religions with the majority of Muslims in Ghana in the north, as well.

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders (T.T.L.) exists to bring the gospel of Christ to people groups in these parts of Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso and beyond in word and deed, through Church Planting, Training and Discipleship, Community Development and Children's Ministry.