Church Planting

      Training Tomorrows Leaders (T.T.L.) has planted 86 churches in Northern Ghana and Togo. There is a total of 94 churches in 4 of the 10 regions of Ghana and 14 churches in 2 of the 5 regions of Togo.  The first graduate to establish a work among the unreached people took place in 1991.  Today we have 30 fulltime men involved in the work, including 7 college-trained church planters, 7 college-trained preachers and 11 lay helpers. By God’s grace, the gospel is being preached among 11 of the 19 unreached people groups of Ghana and 3 of the 6 unreached people groups of Togo. Churches that have been planted range from those that meet under trees to bigger churches with buildings.

       Due to the high incidence of illiteracy, non-literary (oral) methods are used to help evangelize and disciple these non-literary people. We use non-literary methods like storytelling and videos to reach those who cannot read and write. We also provide a dramatized version of the Bible on mini-SD cards that go into phones so that these people can listen to the Bible in their mother tongue. These methods have helped in reaching many villages with the Gospel of Christ. 

     Our church planters work with the following unreached people groups in Northern Ghana and Togo: Kokomba, Bimoba, Mamprusi, Kusasi, Frafra, Gonja, Nchumburu, Kasem, Basare, Moba, Dagomba, Nanumba, Komba, and some Ewe's and Akan people. Most of these people groups are tagged 'unreached' by the Joshua Project Website. Most of the tribes we work with either worship idols (African Traditional Religion) or are Muslims. Our mission works to show the love of Christ to them and many of these people are hearing the Gospel for the first time and are responding to the call.