The Northern Regions of Ghana and Togo, besides having a lot of unreached tribes, also have the poorest population per capita in both countries. The populations in these parts fall in the Savannah vegetation type and have low rainfall. As a result, most of the people struggle to provide the basic social needs of food, clothing and shelter for their families. T.T.L. helps to show the love of Christ to this population by helping with paying school fees for the needy, providing help with medical costs, and helping with grants for groups in our catchment areas to start small businesses that are geared towards alleviating poverty. We have helped with agricultural projects, start schools, provided clothing to the needy and drilled wells to provide safe drinking water for the natives. All of these projects are done with the help of our supporters and partners. To ensure good use of these projects and their continuity, we endeavor to involve the communities we serve. When the love of Christ is shown in tangible ways in these communities, we find that people become more receptive to the Gospel.