Training Tomorrow’s Leaders (T.T.L.) trains and disciples indigenous leaders to help carry out the Great Commission. This is done through organizing seminars for pastors, evangelists and church planters and also training leaders and helpers in either literary or non-literary methods of evangelism and discipleship. The goal of this training and discipleship is to have matured Christians who are compelled to preach and express the gospel in homes, schools, and the marketplace from generation-to-generation, in Ghana, Togo and through out West Africa.

       Our staff travels from village to village training elders and leaders. We train our church planters and leaders in storytelling and other non-literary methods, so that they can reach people in different villages and towns with the Gospel.

T.T.L. also writes lessons for Bible studies in the churches, as well as hosting seminars of theological subjects and Community Health Evangelism (CHE). We partner with different mission groups, supporting churches and professors from Bible colleges who help with some of the training of our leaders. T.T.L. also trains Sunday School teachers in order to reach out to the many children in different villages. Because of this, many children attend church services and will grow to meet the future need of leaders in the churches we have planted.